Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

1. I am thankful that I can express my gratitude, even if it's not Thursday.
2. I am thankful for chirping birdies outside my office door---a sure sign spring is coming!
3. I am thankful for Katie's FFA advisors. Good luck at State, Kate!
4. I am thankful for a car that gets good gas mileage.
5. I am thankful for the new lady in our office. It's fun to stand in a bigger circle!
6. I am thankful for Cynthia Huckins. Sheep. Enough said.
7. I am thankful for ibuprofen.
8. I am thankful for my employment. And Russ's and Krissie's and Katie's.
9. I am thankful for people who post their good ideas (ward parties) on the internet.
10. I am thankful I am still married to the greatest guy on earth! It's a testament of how wonderful HE is!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. The moral compasses all around me---my husband, my sisters, my boss
2. The electric heater at my feet on this sub-zero day (Thanks again, Honey!)
3. The wonderful, reliable people on the ward activities committee
4. The temple---I love to go, especially with Russ. Can't wait to be there with all 5 of our kids!
5. Cody who is very diligent about bringing in wood for the fire for his mudda
6. Milk and cookies
7. The wisdom and coversation of my 11-year-old daughter
8. Watching my kids play together outside in the snow
9. That the girls' angel costumes are done and actually look pretty darn good.
10. Love. Pure and Christlike and freely given.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crazy Busy Summer

Wow! I'm pretty excited I finally figured out how to do another post. And it only took me 3 months! I'm practically a genius.

So, we've had a crazy-busy summer. Most of you know Krissie had surgery in June, three days after school got out. The first six weeks of summer were dedicated to taking her back and forth to Salt Lake for follow-up appointments. For those who don't know, she had her underbite corrected. The surgeon 'broke' her upper jaw and moved it forward, so now her teeth line up correctly and she has cheekbones! He also shortened her chin...he said it was too long. I'm not gonna lie---it was rough. The pain and the nausea and the swelling were miserable for her for about a week, and she's been on a soft-food diet all summer. But we're all very happy with the results and are looking forward to her next surgery which is scheduled for December 22nd: rhinoplasty and septoplasty. Maybe I'll learn how to add pictures next. Before and after pictures are always fun. Besides, Kris has a great new hair color she'd love to show off.

Katie Jo has been playing 'nanny' to Cody, Kellie and Kara this summer. I'm working 8-1 each day so Katie keeps things rolling at the house. She also went to girls camp in June, and both Kris and Kate went on the Trek at the end of July. Kate's playing volleyball and getting ready for tryouts.

Cody keeps very busy with his little flock of sheep. He rearranges their pens frequently, walks them daily and talks about them constantly. Did I mention that he talks about sheep a lot? Their names are Harley, Mattie, Buddy, and Ramses. He talks about them all the time. He is also

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Reluctant Blogger

I love writing (mostly because I love the sound of my own voice, apparently), so I don't know why I have been so reluctant to start a blog. At any rate, here I am. Blogging. Not a real pretty word, is it? That's okay. I think I can move past it.

I'm feeling rather pettish at the moment. That means easily annoyed or irritated. Not like a dog or a cat, or heaven forbid, a horse. I love learning new words. In fact, I just learned that one. Pettish. Perhaps I'll make new words a side-theme of my blogs.

So, feeling pettish as I am, it's rather surprising that I did not rip off Katie's head just now. As I was sitting here a few moments ago, blogging, I heard a loud noise from the direction of the living room.

I yelled, "What was that?!" But no one answered, so I just continued with my business here. You see, that's the kind of mom I am when feeling pettish.

A few short moments later Katie came bounding into my room, as only a 5'11" girl can bound, and announced that I was going to kill her. "Why?" said I. She led me to the front of the house and showed me the dinner-plate size hole in the front window.

Luckily, our windows are not just double paned, but quadruple paned. I shrugged my shoulders and told her to pick up the shards. I'd rather the kids play baseball outside, even if they break windows, than sit inside and watch the boob-tube. You see, that's the kind of mom I am.